PRO Series 

Are you currently working and already a PRO at navigating your career? Then come join us as we explore taboo topics with acquaintances, associates and our special guest Wine. We will chatter, talk through it and leave better future employees and employers after. Check out our upcoming Series below!

Pickle Politics

Whether sweet or sour there is a satisfaction to having the perfect pickle... Well apply that same savory satisfaction to your job and navigate the pickle you were dealt with grace!


Professional SHADE

Be Shhaaddy and really tactful all at once! Who can deny a good callout with a cherry on top?


Know Your Worth

Do your dollars add up to cents (as in common sense)? Get it?!? Come find out if you are under or over paid in this conversation that is only complete with tea!


Collect Your Token

Are you the token woman, minority, LGBTQ employee in your entire organization? Well that's fine but taxing if you are not fulfilling your personal goals and advancing opportunities for others like you, so let's talk this through...


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