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With years of experience, our staff has poured their expertise into courses that are designed to take you and your business to the next level. At McCoy Consulting LLC, we combine our insights and skills to prep your business for every known hurdle and opportunities.



Guaranteed Excellence

Become a Business Tycoon

From Tyrant to Tycoon

Intended for Leaders, Business Owners, and Executives

Become a Leader in your Organization

From Minion to Mogul

Intended for employees seeking career growth, and individuals entering leadership

Build a Diversity and Inclusion Program

From Concept to Implementation

Intended for Project Managers, Program managers, consultants, leaders

Ethical Communication with Black Employees

$99 Mini-Series 

This mini-series is only $99 and will help identify your current communication paths and potential bias, how to adjust  to communicate effectively.

Breaking Unconscious Bias

$99 Mini-Series 

Bias is a part of our reality. It's something we cannot escape but when it leans in the wrong direction we have to actively attempt to identify and reverse it. this class gives you the tips and tricks to identify and change bias behavior.

Become a Business Coach

$99 Mini-Series 

Have you been exploring taking the coaching route? Do you have knowledge to share, best practices and templates that are useful and helpful? Are you ready to share your expertise with everyone around you? If so, this is the perfect entry into becoming a business coach.