Amera McCoy, Ph.D.

McCoy Consulting LLC is an organization that discovered a niche in businesses today that was widely unaddressed. Beginning with the evolution of individuals within the businesses in which they work. Ten years ago people became the brand that they worked for by living and exemplifying the culture. Often this led to lost identity, an unwillingness to change and stagnant work life. This method left people unfulfilled in their jobs, which evolved today to transient work culture.  Individual brands and profitable realities would unveil to be the new work reality. Retaining employees and building work/life balance that enhances individual brands. Helping companies achieve that balance and helping individuals realize their potential within their current workplaces is our niche. 


Our CEO is an Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist with a deep knowledge of people and business. She coordinates the strategy and course of action to obtain results from leaders, staff, and clients. As a result, our company continues to grow with repeat customers and referrals. 


Our core philosophy is everything we put energy into will grow, develop and expand whether positive or negative. Investing in yourself in a positive way contributes to a better lifestyle and more understanding of those whom you interact with family and clients alike.  


Plant the seed, water the garden, weed out the thorns, enjoy the view. ~Amera McCoy, Ph.D. 

Founder & CEO


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Chicago, IL 60649


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