McCoy Consulting LLC is an organization which fostered from my natural reaction to help. As a college student I have always taken to the evolution of individuals and small businesses. Ten years ago I did not know specifically how my expertise and passion for nurturing people into individual brands and profitable realities would unveil. However, after much research I learned Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychologist understand the workings of a people and business, and will coordinate the strategy and course of action to obtain results from leaders, staff, and clients. As a result, my passion suddenly had a name and job role and I worked through every degree with the intent to become an I/O practitioner.


It is my need to spread the knowledge of success to individuals who are looking to evolve themselves and the businesses they work in by addressing their possibilities and opportunities head on that led me here, you here and all the MCL staff here.


My core philosophy is everything we put energy into will grow, develop and expand whether positive or negative. Investing in yourself in a positive way contributes to a better lifestyle and more understanding of those whom you interact with family and clients alike.  

Plant the seed, water the garden, weed out the thorns, enjoy the view. ~Amera 


Amera McCoy, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

I created this company and this website, so I am not going to write about myself! Call the number, ask for me directly I will make time to answer any questions you may have! A typical Millennial response.

Aliyah McCoy

Head of Communication

Aliyah knows the ins and outs of our growing organization. She takes on responsibility for ensuring our brand remains in tact across multiple platforms. We have set a standard to not only deliver the best but look the part as well. 

Halimah Muhammed

Head of Training

Halimah joined our organization amidst rave reviews of her training experience. She comes from a classroom environment where patience is key for middle schoolers. Her unique approach to making class personal and fun has taken the attention of many adults. Adding her skills to our roster was a no brainer!


Ready to leave a mark? Contact us!

Tel: 773-709-1650

73 W Monroe 

Chicago, IL 60649 

© 2017 McCoy Consulting LLC 

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